How To Become A Consignor

If you are interested in becoming a consignor with us, please review the following:

  • We first ask that you send us pictures of the items you would like to consign, you can either send us an email at or stop in the shop anytime during our regular hours.
  • New Leaf Consignment Plus’s consignment period is 120 days. Consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price of their items, proceeds will be credited to an account in your name. Consignors can use their account credit to purchase items or take a check at any time. Any amount under $20 will be paid in cash. A check can be mailed for a $1 processing fee.
  • Consigned items will remain at the starting price for 30 days and then will be marked down 10% every 30 days they remain unsold. All items are subject to an occasional 10% off sale. We will do our best to market your items to sell but make no guarantees where they will be marketed or that they will sell.
  • We will work with the consignor on pricing their items but the final decision on pricing is at the discretion of the New Leaf Consignment staff.
  • All items should be received in clean, showroom ready condition. We will only accept items in very good, sale-able condition. We will not accept any items that are broken, heavily soiled or have an odor.
  • Any items remaining unsold, and not picked up after 8 months will be included in our yearly 50% off sale (typically late July), if items remain unsold, they will be donated.
  • A buyer’s Premium will be charged to the buyer of your items and added onto the item’s in-store/online selling price. You are not charged this fee and this fee does not affect your portion of the base sale price. This fee is added to the price of the piece for our processing, basic cleaning, displaying, online advertising and selling and marketing your items to our customers.
  • The consignor acknowledges that they are consigning at their own risk and New Leaf Consignment Plus is not responsible for any loss due to fire, breakage, theft or any unforeseen cause.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download Printable Consignment Contract Here!